Our Focus

Today, our singular focus is to raise enough funds so that we can electrify the school and ship the computers.  We have collected over 120 computers now ready to be shipped.  However, without power in the school, the computers would not be put to good use.  So we are still continuing to ask our friends, families and everybody we know to help us reach that goal.

We believe that having access to the internet and online learning resources will help the students close the gap that exists right now.

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Support Zorat

Thanks to our supporters, Zorat Elementary School is one step closer to getting electrified.  We have now raised $12,000 as of April 2013.  We feel blessed to have your support and we know you will take us all the way to $20,000.  Give the gift of education.

About the founders

Zorat.org was founded by Yemane Muzey, a native of Axum and former student of Zorat Elementary School, and his wife, Katherine Toner-Muzey. The purpose of the site is to raise funds and support the school with basic needs of the students. We have no political, religious or government affiliation.  We believe that children are the future. We would like to support the more than 1400 students that attend Zorat Elementary get a head start with the use of technology and online learning resources.  Nearly all of them have never seen a computer key board.  They also lack family support at home to study and get help with homework as most of their parents cannot read or write.  Our goal is to maximize the amount of learning and resources that is available to them in school.  We must do everything we can to help them.  We believe education is one of the keys to breaking free from the perpetual economic and educational poverty these children live in.


Born and raised in Axum, Ethiopia, Yemane left the country during the 1983/84 famine in Ethiopia. He migrated to the Sudan and lived there for three years in Refugee camps. Yemane met a Canadian born UN diplomat and was eventually sponsored to Canada by the diplomat's family in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Yemane attended high school then pursued a business degree at Dalhouse University in Halifax. Currently, he lives and works in Fredericton, New Brunswick as a mortgage broker. Yemane is married and has two daughters.

Katherine is a lawyer based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. In April of 2008 she visited Ethiopia with her husband Yemane. They brought school supplies for the kids at Zorat that had been donated by family and friends in Canada. She was truly inspired by the kids at Zorat. They were so incredibly appreciative of the gifts that they had brought. Their smiles were priceless. She was also amazed by how far a dollar can be stretched in Ethiopia; a child can have a new uniform for only $10 in 2008; that's less than  what we would pay here for a single admission at a movie theatre. Katherine is determined to continue fundraising for Zorat school here in Canada and is looking forward to her next visit to Ethiopia.




Recently, a family donated $365.00 to Zorat.org.  This is the third time this family has done it.  We are so grateful for their continued support.  Thank you very much.  When ever we visit them around Halloween, they gave us their donation on a brown bag.  They save $1/day for the year just for zorat.  $1/day seems very small and easy to do but it goes a long way for our cause.

We hope there will be more people who can do the same as this family.

In three years, we have done several projects for the school. We have achieved our goal of having all students a chair and a desk, we have provided funding for uniforms for kids that are Orphaned and we have bought 570 books! Now the Tigrai government has promised us that they will electrify the school.

Our effort will now focus on finding computers loaded with free educational software that can be used by the students. We are looking at logisitics of how many and when we will begin to collect computers.  We look forward to your continued support.

18¢ per day can change 2000 Students in Ethiopia!

$ 20000
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Contact us

117 Sunset Dr.
Fredericton, NB E3A 1A2
Tel: 506-452-6789
Fax: 506-452-6787
Web: www.zorat.org
Email: school@zorat.org

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Current happenings

We have no completed the instillation of open source software on all the computers we have collected!